Friday, October 19, 2012

Kurus v Kursus

16.19.12-19.10.12 @ Hotel Sri Petaling, KL me & 2 others from my dept attending a course namely "Kursus Pemantapan Hal Ehwal Kebankrapan Bil 2/2012". Huhu...4D3N w/out my others half :( Nama lg kursus tiap masa dipenuhi kelas mcm kuliah time scholling dolu2. Everyday we start of @ 8am & finish by 11pm & having 5 meals everyday. Yup! The meals are the best part of the course. Ngeh3. Persekitran hotel mmg boring sbb x der tpt best nk explore (klu ada pon Endah Parade yg superb bosan). Tapiiiii....other thing that keep me excite is am getting my fullset of PB! WEHUU....

Ehem2... Pics courtesy by my lovely sista a.k.a AzLiNa Md TaIB.
Tqvm sis :)
story behind d pics can be seen here

Me posing with urusetia yang sporting :)

Me & my best buddies during the "special" dinner :P
(sis Azlina, Ashraf & mummy Sue)

Me & mummy Sue having our BBQ Grilled Chicken. Yummeh!!

Huh! Have to carry all that by my self going back home.
Originally its only 3 bags


  1. Congratulation lovely iela! so proud of your passion. realize your gold dream with premium beautiful..!

  2. Hehe...tq sis! Insya-Allah, hope my dream cum tru.