Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shopping ke sekolah

We are about to leave 2012 & 2 days to go b4 we meet 2013. Are u guys ready?? Hehe...ready or not, time will not awaits us. Ok, today d 4 of us turn up hubby's frenz weedding @ Kg Selayang Pandang. His buddyz during scholl time in UiTM-En. Naz. We're leaving @ 2 pm & nxt stop to Tesco for preparing our pretty girl's things to school. Yeayyy!!! (>_<) she excite to go to school. Lom apa2 dia dh alert us to get her 'beg tarik2'. At 1st dia pilih yg besar punya, thn slow talk ngan dia & get her a bit smaller one. She x kisah punya all d pics, kartun or any theme as long as a brand new beg tarik :) Then get her Barbie shoes, new panties, stationery, botol air...bla...bla...bla...& the list goes on & on :p

Ok, that's a lil bit abt our parenting jorney so far. I'm a happy mother to see Sara so positive towards going to school for the 1st time. Hope she gets many friends to be with & learn more & be energetic about learning. Lots of luv from ibu & ayah Sara. Muahhh. XoXo

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